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The Portuguese government has approved a new action plan for migration. The objective is to resolve the difficulties in the functioning of the AIMA and to guarantee the operability of border control systems and the integration of immigrants.

The plan is divided into four main areas of action: regulated immigration; attracting foreign talent; human integration; and institutional reorganisation.

In the area of regulated immigration, the review of entry rules stands out, namely the abolition of the expression of interest procedure. This means that, from now on, an employment contract will be required to obtain a residence visa. Despite this decision, the government is committed to processing all applications already submitted, as long as they are ‘correctly instructed’ or have ‘more than one year’s social security contributions’.

The resolution of backlogs and irregular situations will involve the creation of a mission structure to resolve the more than 400,000 pending cases.

The plan for attracting foreign talent and human capital includes creating a system for attracting human capital in line with the country’s needs; improving the process for recognising qualifications and skills; and promoting the attraction and attendance of foreign students at Portuguese higher education institutions.

The plan now approved is based on the principle that Portugal needs and wants to welcome more immigrants – for demographic, social and economic reasons. Immigration must be regulated and monitored, accompanied by humane integration.

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