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Expat Visa's

No matter where you are within your move to Portugal, RHJ Law can aid you and your family in finding the right Expat Visa

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It’s easy – at RHJ Law, we make the process of getting an Expat Visa simple. You’ll get further, faster, with our team of experts; than if you applied on your own.
We don’t waste your time or money with lengthy appointments; rest assured that we’ll focus on getting you an outcome as soon as possible.
You may not speak Portuguese fluently yet, but don’t worry! RHJ Law can translate documents on your behalf and interview you in your native language. Our team are multi-lingual; they can review the process with you every step of the way.

How to get an Expat Visa easily

Let us accompany you through every step of the process from visas to work permits so you can focus on planning your move to Portugal. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Let our experience come in handy, as we support every decision you make throughout the process.
You are on a mission to explore new cultures and find adventure. Explore our range of Expat Visa options, so you feel confident in what you need. 

Golden Visa

Invest in a golden visa, which gives you a new way to live an affluent lifestyle – in Portugal. Save money and live cheaply on an inexpensive but luxurious lifestyle as a Portuguese resident.
  • Work legally in Portugal
  • Navigate Portuguese real estate laws
  • Secure residency rights; quickly
  • Start building your life abroad – today!
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D7 & D2 Visa

If you’re looking for a way to stay active in Portugal’s thriving economy, RHJ Law can assist you in securing a D7 or D2 Visa.

  • Portugal residency permit
  • Family benefits
  • Guaranteed allocation
  • Documentation expertise
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Non-Habitual Residency

Help your family experience new opportunities abroad by allowing us to assist you with a Non-Habitual Residency visa.

  • Settle in peacefully
  • Stay connected
  • Make moving easier
  • Get help with immigration processes
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Are you ready to make the move to Portugal?

RHJ Law are on hand to simplify your relocation to Portugal. Whether you need assistance in getting right visa, opening your business or finding a place to live; we can help you.

It can be hard work to find all the right information, make sure you have all the paperwork you need and send off official documents to the right places. RHJ Law take the stress away; doing all the work for you and keeping you in the loop with the status of your service.

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How else can RHJ Law support you?

It can be tricky to know where to start. That’s where our multilingual team of lawyers can help.

  • Immigration & residency services
  • Corporate & business law advice
  • Real estate services
  • Tax services