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Student Visa

No matter what you're getting ready to study, RHJ Law will help you to secure a visa for Portugal

Talk to us about your Student Visa
Have you always wanted to study abroad? Well great news, RHJ Law will help you to get there!
No matter where you’re moving from, we will help you organise the documents you require to secure the correct residency option required for you to live and study abroad!
We can help with all the aspects of getting ready to study abroad, from the right visa to accommodation and health insurance to bank accounts. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

How to get a Student Visa, easily

Let us accompany you through every step of the process from so you can focus on planning your move to Portugal and get ready for your studies. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone.
Let our experience come in handy, as we support the decision you’ve made in studying abroad. You are on a mission to explore new cultures and find adventure. 
Take a look at the summary of requirements, so you feel confident in what you need and can prepare for a call with our team.

Are you eligible?

There are a few requirements for obtaining a Student Visa, here are a few things we’ll ask you for to determine your eligibility:

  • You must be 16
  • An acceptance letter from the higher education institution you have chosen in Portugal
  • Proof of fees being paid (if you are on a scholarship – proof of that)
  • Accommodation in Portugal
  • Valid health insurance
Talk to us about your Student Visa

Things to know about the Student Visa

Student Visa’s do not offer full residency so there are some things you need to know before applying for one.

  • A Student Visa (when it expires) does not lead to full residency
  • When on a Student Visa, you can only work up to 20 hours a week
  • It is possible for spouses/ dependants and minors to come with you
  • The Student Visa lasts for 1 year, but can be renewed every year
  • This kind of Visa can be held for a maximum of 5 years – after this you must apply for permanent residency
  • If you get a job before the end of your Visa you can apply to change it to a different kind of Working Visa
  • If you are carrying out a doctorate or a PhD, you should apply for a Researcher Visa as you will be High Skilled Worker at the end of your course

Are you ready to make the move to Portugal?

RHJ Law are on hand to simplify your relocation to Portugal. Whether you need assistance in getting right visa, opening your business or finding a place to live; we can help you.

It can be hard work to find all the right information, make sure you have all the paperwork you need and send off official documents to the right places. RHJ Law take the stress away; doing all the work for you and keeping you in the loop with the status of your service.

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