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Tax Services

Plan and structure your personal and business finances, for greater tax advantages; with the aid of RHJ Law and RHJ Accountants.

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Whether you’re just starting out with your business, branching out or are in need of personal tax assistance for your move to Portugal, RHJ Law are able to assist you.

Most people think an accountant and legal team are only required once a year when the tax return is due. However; to maximise on tax savings and ensure the most for your money; strategic planning is key.

Accurate and timely tax preparation and planning are a key service area for RHJ Law’s international clients.

Accommodating your financial needs

As part of the RHJ Group, RHJ Law have access to a team of expert accountants across the UK, Portugal, USA and beyond. Offering a comprehensive list of solutions; we’re able to accommodate your every financial need.
Let us take the stress, confusion and time away from completing your tax and accountancy responsibilities each month, year or however frequent you require our support.

Tax services; how can you benefit?

With such a wealth of experience and knowledge, the risk of misinformation or incorrect records is significantly reduced. RHJ Law can assist in all aspects of tax services, including:

  • Business & personal tax affairs
  • Wealth management & tax planning
  • Legal & tax advice (with a binding tax opinion)

Understand what is available to you

With a team of qualified professionals, we provide reviews, planning, savings and advice on how to make sure your money works best for you.

Talk to us about tax services

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How else can RHJ Law support you?

It can be tricky to know where to start. That’s where our multilingual team of lawyers can help.

  • Immigration & residency services
  • Corporate & business law advice
  • Real estate services
  • Tax services