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With a team of multi-lingual lawyers, RHJ Law will aid you in your move to Portugal; making life simple

We are an international law consultancy. At RHJ Law, we believe you and your business deserve much more than a standard service.

It is our aim to simplify international immigration, business and tax for expats across the world, aiming to live in Portugal. Our team of experts want to help you understand what you need to ensure your business and personal situations are in the best possible shape.

Whether you’re in need of a Golden Visa, information on business law or a conversation surrounding immigration and residency, we’re here to help you.

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Expat Visas

No matter where you are within your move to Portugal, RHJ Law can aid you and your family in finding the right Expat Visa; from the D7 and D2 to the NHR Programme.

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Student Visas

Have you always wanted to study abroad? No matter where you’re moving from, we will help you organise the documents you require to secure the correct residency option required for you to live and study abroad!

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Portuguese NIF

To relocate to Portugal, you will need a tax ID – otherwise known as a NIF. The Portuguese NIF is required for all economic / financial activity in Portugal for both residents and non-residents.
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Tax Services

Plan and structure your personal and business finances, for greater tax advantages across the UK, Portugal, USA and beyond; with the aid of RHJ Law and RHJ Accountants.
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Real Estate Opportunities

If you’re relocating to Portugal; you’ll need to make yourself aware of the legal processes and registrations required when carrying out real estate business.
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  • What kind of Golden Visa investment makes the most sense – real estate, job creation or capital contributions
  • How to choose a business entity, and structure it for maximum tax and trade advantages
  • How to enrol yourself and family members into Portugal’s public health service, retirement program and social insurance programs
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