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Real Estate

Acquire & invest in Portuguese real estate, stress-free & with help from the experts at RHJ Law.

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If you’re relocating to Portugal; you’ll need to make yourself aware of the legal processes and registrations required when carrying out real estate business.
From property transaction costs, capital gains tax and many other fees; there is a lot to take on board. The friendly team of experts at RHJ Law are on hand to walk you through the process and make every step of the way easier.

Real Estate in Portugal - what do you need to know?

When buying or leasing a property in Portugal – as an expat – you need the aid of a legal team. Why? Some landlords and realtors don’t register the contract with the tax authority, you are unable to apply for the NHR programme.
Making use of a legal team, every box is ticked and you’re able to fully realise your dream of purchasing or leasing property in Portugal.
With the right team of legal experts, you’re also able to rent a property for a period of time – ahead of purchasing. With the correct contract in place, you and your family can find out if a certain home or area is definitely for you, before you fully commit to purchasing. Want to know more? Contact us or read on for more information.

Do you rent; or buy?

This is one of the most common questions expats ask when making the move to Portugal. But there are several factors which need to be considered, which will influence your decision. These factors include:
  • How long you’ll be staying in Portugal
  • The cost of an expat mortgage
  • What is available on the current property market
  • Where you’re looking to live and how much it costs
  • The type of Visa you have

Taxes & fees

There is one main cost to consider when purchasing real estate in Portugal; the IMT transfer tax. Depending on your personal situation, it can be anything between 1% and 10%.

You’ll need to discuss this with the experts at RHJ Law, as we have links to renowned real estate agents throughout Portugal.

Acquire & invest

In order to buy or lease a property in Portugal, you will need a personal fiscal number and representative. RHJ Law are able to obtain this for you; and once setup, you can begin to understand, carry out and act upon:

  • Residential conveyancing
  • Property, landlord & tenant law
  • Lease agreements law
  • Commercial & residential lease agreements
  • Construction law
  • Land acquisition & disposals
Talk to us about your Real Estate opportunities

Make moving simple

When purchasing, leasing or discovering real estate opportunities in Portugal, it is important to seek the advise of professionals; especially if you don’t speak the language.

Our team of experts can break down barriers and aid you in finding the right property for your needs, ensuring you have the right level of investment and all the legalities are taken care of properly.

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Make moving simple - relocating to Portugal with RHJ Law

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How else can RHJ Law support you?

It can be tricky to know where to start. That’s where our multilingual team of lawyers can help.

  • Immigration & residency services
  • Corporate & business law advice
  • Real estate services
  • Tax services