As an expat living abroad, you’ll need to investigate different insurance options, choose the best plan and find out how to start it

Types, coverage and costs

If you’re planning to live life as an expat abroad, one of the most important things you need to look into is insurance. Just like in your country of origin, health, home and pet insurance are the main options people think about – and quite rightly too.

Insurance in Malta, Portugal, and the UAE all work the same as in your home country; you review plan options, decide on the coverage you need and purchase a plan.

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Personal Insurance

At RHJ Law we understand that exciting things such as; relocating can become very stressful. That’s why offer insurance for you, your family, your pets and your car, so you can have peace of mind.

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Health Insurance

If you’re officially moving abroad, you should take out health insurance as soon as you can. Some countries require you to have an insurance policy before obtaining a visa, while others require you to have the appropriate level of cover if you’re on a work permit. But don’t worry, we can answer all your questions on this.

Pet Insurance

Of course, becoming an expat abroad means you’ll want to take your pet with you – after all, they are part of the family. Taking them to the vet when something is wrong isn’t always the end-point; more often than not you require medication, after care and sometimes even operations. It’s important to have the right level of cover for your pets; just as you want the right level of health insurance for yourself.

Life Insurance

Nobody wants to think about it but at RHJ Law we think it is best to be prepared. Thats why we offer you an option for life insurance as well as other insurance options. This means you can live worry free knowing your life insurance is taken care of!

Home Insurance

Just like in your country of origin, you need confidence in your new home. It will most likely be great when you move in, but of course anything can happen down the line. Remember, home insurance for expats is a lot different to holiday-home insurance.

As with home insurance policies you’re probably already used to, you need something which will cover:

  • Buildings and contents
  • Public liability
  • Alternative accommodation
  • Subsidence

Car Insurance

If you’re an expat moving from abroad then you may want to bring your car with you. Whether its because you like the freedom to travel when and where you want – or because you’re a car enthusiast. We don’t mind – RHJ will help you to find insurance that works for you.

Company Insurance

When you want to move abroad to open a new business you want to be able to enjoy that exciting time! So why not get insurance with RHJ and let us handle your company or freelancer insurance.

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Company Insurance

If you’re opening a company abroad then you will probably want to buy company insurance. Protecting yourself, your company and your employees is very important. So why not enquire about insuring your company with RHJ today?

Freelancer Insurance

If you are moving to a foreign country to begin your new life as a freelancer, you want to enjoy the time and not worry about finances. At RHJ we offer freelancer insurance so that you can do just that!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance does RHJ Law offer?

RHJ Currently offers:

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Company insurance
  • Freelancer insurance

How long will it take to get covered?

Timelines can vary across the different countries but RHJ Law aims to complete the policy application in 1-2 weeks.

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