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If you are considering moving to Portugal, you may have heard the term “fiscal representation” and wondered what it means. Fiscal representation is an important concept when it comes to setting up a business in Portugal. It involves having a person or entity that serves as a legal representative for your company in the country. If you think you need fiscal representation then why not head to our website to buy it now.

In this blog article, we will discuss what fiscal representation is and who may need one when setting up a business in Portugal.


So, what exactly is fiscal representation?

Fiscal representation is a way for foreign companies and individuals to fulfil their tax obligations in Portugal without having to have a physical presence in the country. Fiscal representation involves having an accountant or other qualified professional act as a representative of the company or individual to manage their fiscal obligations in Portugal. This can be beneficial for those who do not have the time, resources, or expertise to manage their own fiscal obligations.

By having a fiscal representative, they can ensure that all necessary taxes are paid on time and that all of the correct paperwork is submitted. The fiscal representative also serves as a point of contact for the Portuguese Tax Authority (PTA) and can provide assistance with any queries or disputes that may arise. It is important to note that all expenses related to the fiscal representative, including any applicable taxes and fees, are the responsibility of the company or individual seeking representation.


Do I need a fiscal representative?

When it comes to living in Portugal, the question of whether or not you need a fiscal representative is an important one. In order for Portuguese citizens and companies to comply with the country’s laws, fiscal representatives must be appointed. This means that if you want to conduct business in Portugal, it’s necessary to appoint a fiscal representative.

Your fiscal representative can be either an individual or a company, and they will help you manage your accounts and tax affairs while you are living in Portugal. Your fiscal representative will act on your behalf when dealing with Portuguese tax authorities and filing the relevant forms. They will also keep track of your income and expenses, making sure that all your accounts are up-to-date and compliant with the law.

An accountant or tax specialist can advise you if you are uncertain whether you need a fiscal representative. They can evaluate your particular circumstances and determine whether it’s necessary for you to appoint a fiscal representative. If it is, they can help you find a suitable candidate who meets all the legal requirements.


How can I get a fiscal representative?

If you are considering moving to Portugal and need a fiscal representative. It is important to find a reliable and qualified professional; this must be someone who is familiar with the Portuguese tax system. It is always best to check the credentials and certifications of any potential fiscal representative before engaging.

Once you have chosen your fiscal representative, you will need to enter into a contract. This should outline the services they will provide and the fees you will pay. Your fiscal representative will be responsible for ensuring that all of your Portuguese taxes are paid on time, so it is important to find someone who can provide this service reliably and accurately.

If you’re ready to hire RHJ as your fiscal representatives then why not contact us today, or check out our FAQ’s to read more.


What are the benefits of having a fiscal representative?

Having a fiscal representative in Portugal can offer many advantages. By having a fiscal representative, you can take advantage of the Portuguese tax system. You can also benefit from the country’s advantageous taxation rules. The fiscal representative is able to assist you in the filing of taxes and the completion of necessary paperwork. Moreover, a fiscal representative can help you in understanding and complying with Portuguese legal regulations.

Additionally, they can act as a liaison between yourself and the Portuguese tax authorities, providing advice and support when needed. All in all, having a fiscal representative can make living in Portugal easier and much more convenient.


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Fiscal representation in Portugal is an important concept for those who are considering moving to the country. A fiscal representative is someone who acts as a legal representative for companies based in Portugal. The can help them comply with local regulations. It can be difficult to decide if a fiscal representative is necessary, having one can provide a number of benefits. Such as, the ability to manage Portuguese taxes more efficiently and receive important support in times of financial difficulty.

Ultimately, having a fiscal representative can help protect your business and make it easier to operate in Portugal. So if you’re ready to hire RHJ as your fiscal representative then why not contact us today.

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