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The education system in Dubai

The education system in Dubai is truly one of the best there is. The United Arab Emirates is rapidly becoming one of the best cities in the world to live in, but what many people don’t know is that the education system here is also incredibly good. Families looking to relocate to the UAE should seriously consider moving here so their children can benefit from some of the best learning facilities.

However, many parents have expressed concerns that this is just another example of Dubai overselling itself as a perfect city with no flaws. So we decided to dig deeper into some of these claims and see how accurate they really are.


The quality of education

The UAE has a very high literacy rate, and is ranked number three out of 188 countries. It is no surprise then that many families are choosing to relocate here. The quality of education in Dubai is excellent, but there are pros and cons to consider before you send your child to an international school.

Firstly, academic standards at international schools tend to be higher than those of state schools. This may be more appropriate for children who want to pursue higher level courses later on.

Secondly, this type of schooling exposes children not only to English but also other world languages. Languages your children will learn could be French or German. However, this will depend on the country from where the school originates.


The curriculum

The education system in Dubai is a well-established and respected one. It is based on a UK curriculum which is not too dissimilar to the US one so it will be easy for your children to adapt. There are many different schools available, some of which are private and others which have international curriculums.

Schools in Dubai also have a focus on STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. So this may be important if you want your children to study these subjects at university.


The teachers

There is a wide variety of schools available for children to attend. The main ones are British, American, Indian and Pakistani. Each school has their own curriculum and teaching methods which can cause problems if one parent wants their child to attend a school with a certain curriculum but the other parent prefers a different one. If you have concerns about how your child will be taught then it is best to visit each school. This will allow you to make a good decision for yourself or your child.


Technology in the classroom

The UAE is one of the countries leading the way with regards to ICT integration into the classroom. ICTs such as iPads, laptops, and interactive whiteboards are being used to enhance learning and engage students. Some schools also use online systems for lectures and course materials which can be accessed by students at home or at school. This makes it easier for students to study without having to go through a lot of reading on their own. It also reduces pressure on teachers who don’t have as many hours available in a day for teaching.

The result is an education system which is far more flexible and innovative than many in other countries around the world. Technology has enabled traditional classrooms to become engaging learning spaces with opportunities for both learners and educators alike!


Extracurricular activities

No matter what type of educational experience you’re looking for, Dubai schools have it. They offer extracurricular activities such as chess, dance, and robotics clubs. Some schools also have drama and music classes available. Others may have sports teams such as tennis, basketball, or football. This would be another reason to visit the schools before enrolling your child or yourself.


Contact an expert

The education system in Dubai is known to be very good. If you are thinking of relocating with your family to the UAE, then it is important to think about where your children will be educated and what they will learn. Similarly if you are moving to attend college or university then it is important that you investigate which universities offer programs which align with your goals and interests. Not all universities offer a wide range of degrees.

So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then why not contact the experts at RHJ Law to see how we can help you relocate to the UAE?

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