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Tired of your current situation? Want to find new opportunities outside of your home country? If you’re a tech worker or entrepreneur, you may want to consider taking advantage of Portugal’s tech visa program, which allows you to live and work in the country. We will tell you all about the Portugal tech visa; who is eligible and how to apply in our blog article: 

What is a Portuguese Tech Visa?

The Portuguese tech visa is a relatively new type of residence permit issued by Portugal; in order to attract highly skilled workers. The aim is to fill vacancies in the growing Portuguese technology and innovation sector, all the while offering non-Schengen nationals the opportunity to work and reside in Portugal.

Who is Eligible for a Tech Visa?

In order to receive a tech visa, you must fit certain criteria, for example:

  • you must be over 18 years old and have no criminal record
  • you must have a Level 6 qualification (Bachelor’s Degree) or a Level 5 qualification, with five years experience
  • you must be a third country national and not be resident in the European Union
  • you should be proficient in either Portuguese, English, Spanish or French.
  • you should not have any outstanding fiscal/social obligations

Companies that wish to recruit employees with tech visas must function in the technology or innovation sectors and be certified by the Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation – IAPMEI. Additionally, they must operate on an international level and have at least one registered office in Portugal.

Guidelines on Tech Visas

A maximum of 50% of the workforce of an IAPMEI-certified company can be recruited with tech visas – this is increased to 80% if the company is based in a remote area. 

The minimum wage is also higher than the standard wage; employees must be paid 2.5 times the Social Support Index, so in 2022 the minimum wage for employees on tech visas is 1108 euros a month.

The employment contract must have a minimum duration of 12 months, so tech visas are not applicable for short-term work.

The Application Process

Companies must be certified by the IAPMEI before they can hire highly qualified workers under the tech visa scheme. Once an application is made, there is a maximum delay of 20 days before a decision is made – if the application is successful, the certification will last for a period of two years and they can issue a ‘term of responsibility’ which allows a potential employee to speed up the process of getting their visa!

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