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When moving to Portugal with your family and pets, you’ll want to make sure that everyone has the best experience possible, both in terms of comfort and happiness. That’s why it’s important to plan out your pet relocation beforehand, ensuring that you take all the necessary steps in preparing and moving them with you. This article will give you some advice on how to do just that!


What Should you do before moving?

There are some key things you’ll want to do before your move. First, gather all the paperwork you need. You’ll need to file export paperwork if you’re moving from the U.S., Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. You’ll also need your pet’s vaccination records in case you encounter any issues at customs.

If applicable, find out if there are any quarantine requirements for your pets by consulting the country’s Embassy website or contacting an Animal Quarantine Station in that country.

Finally, if you are renting or staying in a hotel be sure to check that pets are welcome!


What Should you bring for your pet?

Bringing your pet along on a big move is not always the easiest or most affordable decision. But whether you are moving as a couple, family, or individual, it is important that you make it there as happy and as safe as possible. Including your pets. It can be easier if you plan ahead before the move – here are some things to think about when relocating and bringing your pets along.

  • Favourite toys
  • Bed/ bedding for them to feel at home in a new house
  • Collars and leads so you can both stretch your legs after the journey
  • Official paperwork
  • Treats!


What should you buy at arrival?

Aside from the things you have brought your pet will be almost all set for their new start in their new home! One thing that you will have to find is a new supplier of pet food. While you will be able to bring a couple of meals and some treats on the plane for your pet, you will not be able to bring a weeks worth of food for them.

After that your pet should be almost set in their new home, all that is left to do is explore and find new walks to go on with your pets.


Visiting Veterinarians in Portugal

Although veterinarians are not as common in Portugal as they are in the UK, there are a few clinics that offer great services. Consult your relocation company for assistance finding the nearest clinic or make sure you research thoroughly before arriving! This can save a lot of time and stress later on. As well, if your pet has any special needs be sure to note this when you call ahead to confirm their veterinary appointment, as this is very important to think about before moving to Portugal with your pets.


Tips to have a smooth move for both you and your pet

It is important that you plan out all the logistics before you move to Portugal with your pets. It will take some time for pets to adjust so it’s best not to be in a hurry. Remember this should be an exciting time, so make sure you pack the essentials when packing up your belongings including bedding, bowls, toys, collars and leashes.

You will also need to figure out how much food you will need for the trip as well as where you can buy food when you arrive in Portugal. Remember that most airlines only allow one container/bag of fluids/pet care products in addition to your standard luggage limits (typically 50 pounds). If you are driving bring all food & supplies with you in your car.


Finding a Law Specialist

If you need legal advice or assistance, be sure to contact the experts at RHJ Law. We’re able to guide you through what you need to know before moving to Portugal.

Our legal team at RHJ Law assists non-EEA nationals to obtain residency in Portugal. Our English speaking team of lawyers, accountants and more specialise in helping entrepreneurs and families to set up, manage and grow their life in Europe.

Working with our trusted partners; we can advise you on where to settle and how to go about purchasing property in Portugal.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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